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Frequently Asked Questions

Overview of the program

What’s the difference between a senior center and an adult day program?
Senior centers are designed to meet the needs of well seniors. Adult day centers provide supervised care in a group setting during the day.

Who can participate in CarePartners Adult Day Care/Day Health Program?
While many of the participants have some form of dementia, individuals with a wide variety of physical and cognitive (mental) impairments enjoy our safe, stimulating daytime environment. Services are available for anyone 18 and older, including people with incontinence.

When and how often do people attend the program?
The number of days a participant attends is based on the needs of the individual and caregiver and the available slots at the center. The program offers full and partial days.

Is transportation available?
We contract with transportation providers to offer transportation services. Transportation through these contract providers is based on individual need and available space, and is provided at an additional charge.

Costs to participate

How much does it cost to attend?
Fees start at about $50 for a full day of Adult Day Care. There are different fees for Club CarePartners and overnight respite services. Your specific charges are determined by a standard assessment tool that helps determine the level of care required and takes other variables into consideration. For most families, CarePartners Adult Day Services is a cost-effective alternative to placement in an assisted living facility or nursing home.

Who pays? Does insurance cover adult day services?
For some individuals, services are paid privately (that is, paid directly by the family or individual), though some private insurance covers adult day services. Other payment options for Adult Day Care (does not apply to Club CarePartners):

  • Veterans: Qualifying veterans are covered through a contract with Veterans Affairs.
  • Medicaid: North Carolina offers Medicaid reimbursement through a waivered program: CAP-DA.
  • Financial assistance: Individual participants may be eligible for financial assistance through the Home & Community Care Block Grant, Project CARE, State Adult Day Care fund, Caregiver Respite Grant, Scholarship Fund (completion of a Financial Disclosure Form required). The Adult Day program staff can assist in locating possible financial resources.
  • Medicare: Medicare currently does not reimburse for adult day services.

Enrolling in the program

Do I need a referral from a physician or health care provider?
No formal referral is required. Many families become aware of the service by word of mouth.

Can we tour the facility?
By all means you should tour the facility before deciding if our services are right for you and your loved one.

Where can I get more information on choosing a quality day program for my loved one?
There are many factors to consider in selecting the right program for your loved one. Each program is slightly different. North Carolina Adult Day Services Association has prepared a guide to assist you in choosing the right program for your unique situation.


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