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Wheelchair Seating & Mobility Clinic


Proper seating can improve posture, decrease pain, and allow for safer, more independent mobility.

Our Seating Clinic therapists can help you find the perfect wheelchair to match your condition, physical ability and lifestyle. We provide accurate, thorough assessments, expert recommendations, fittings and adjustments to ensure that your needs are met.

We will also work with wheelchair providers on your behalf to ensure that the appropriate modifications and specifications are included when you purchase a chair or other equipment.

We can help you determine:

  • If you qualify for a manual or power wheelchair for use in your home, school, work or community
  • Modifications that can be made to your existing wheelchair to improve your comfort or mobility
  • The most appropriate new wheelchair for your needs

Helping You Find the Right Fit

In your initial physical therapy evaluation, we will help you define your medical and functional needs, assess your current equipment, and take exact body measurements to determine the best products to try.

In follow-up appointments, we’ll work with you to:

  • Try out different sample wheelchairs, cushions and accessories
  • Use computerized pressure mapping systems to find cushions that relieve pressure, distribute weight evenly and prevent pressure ulcers
  • Create custom molded seat and back cushions for patients with orthopedic spinal deformities
  • Provide a comprehensive report to your supplier of choice and your physician
  • Answer any questions your payor may have regarding your need for the chair

Equipment Use Training

Once your chair arrives, our specialists can assist in adjustments for a correct fit and provide training in the care and safe use of the products. As you grow or your condition changes, we’ll provide follow-up appointments to make adjustments and address any new issues that arise.

Is the Wheelchair Seating & Mobility Clinic Right for You?

To learn more about how we can help you find the right fit, contact us at (828) 274-6183.


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